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A month later

             It’s been a month now and I’ve had to adjust to so much with this whole mommy thing.  First and foremost it’s amazing how many pampers this little boy can go through in a day.  I think that I change at least 7 pampers a day, it could be more.

He is resting after he kept us awake all night

He is resting after he kept us awake all night

Little man has quite an appetite.  He was back at his original birth weight when we went for his first doctor’s visit since being discharged from the hospital.  His original birth weight was eight pounds point eight ounces.  He surpassed that in three days.  Lord help me with his appetite.  At first my breast milk was keeping him full and content but now it’s not helping, so I’ve had to now rely on formula and rice cereal to keep him full longer, especially at night.  Other than the appetite thing he is doing really well.  It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve had him but it feels like we have been home for more than a month already.  Watching his movements every day and how he is growing is wonderful.

 While all of this cutesy stuff is going on I’m also learning how to multitask.  I thought I knew how to multitask, but let me tell you that you don’t fully understand multitasking until a baby comes into the picture.  I have to make sure that I eat and do everything that I need to do all while he is sleeping.  If I don’t do it when he is sleeping then it won’t get done.  I also have to remind myself to at times take a nap while he is sleeping, this doesn’t always happen, I’m still working on it.


The only thing that is a bit challenging right now is trying to keep him awake for as long as possible during the day so that by eight pm I can start getting him ready for bed.  My plan is for me to put him to bed between eight and nine pm every night, I’m still working on it folks.  Other than that everything else is going swell J