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Blessed to be his mom

These past few weeks have been a bit hectic for us, trying to get the baby on schedule while at the same time not driving ourselves crazy.  Let me tell you that this baby thing is no joke (hahahah), but I digress.

Baby boy is now two months old and these two months have gone by rather fast.  He is becoming more and  more vocal every day.  He’s just cooing but he still has a lot to say, and when you don’t give him your undivided attention he lets you know.  He is now kicking his little legs around a lot; I think that he will be a runner. 

In those two months I went back to work and it was difficult to do so.  I didn’t want to leave my little boy even though I knew that he was going to be ok with his dad.  I had to hold back the tears as I held him in my arms the morning I went back into the office.  Watching him sleep so peacefully brought so much joy and warmth to my heart. Once Again I had to hold back the tears as I rode the train into work.  Once I got to the office I felt somewhat better.  I wasn’t feeling as anxious anymore. 

During that first week back in the office I cried about three times, wondering what kind of mother I was for going back to work so soon.  I still have that guilty feeling just a bit but not as much as before. Then his father takes him to New York. This little boy was going to be 900 miles away from me.  I kept telling myself that I was going to be a mess because not only was he not going to be near me, but he was now going to be 900 miles away.  But you know what I managed, I only cried a little at the airport. I never thought that having a child would stir up so many emotions in me.  Every day I look at my son and I am just thankful that I get to be his mother.



How fast time flies

How fast time flies

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