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New Addition to 4evaeva

Thursday morning September 8, 2016 at 12:15am my inner circle got a little bigger as my wife Kaylee and I welcomed a new prince in to the world. Tahir Roy Battle came in at 8lbs 1oz 20.21 inches  showcasing his fully developed and healthy lungs and vocal cords  filling the operating room with his cry. 

I was overwhelmed with joy as walked over t the table where the nurses weighed him and cleared out his mouth and nose, all the while Tahir hollered. The nurse told me he peed on the doctors twice as they pulled him out of the womb.... so we know that works. I silently observed and counted his fingers and toes... they're all there all the while he hollered. Then I spoke to him and at the sound of my voice he calmed down a bit as if it seemed familiar and attempted to open his eyes to see where this voice was coming from but, the light over the little bed was too bright. The nurses noticed this and quickly turned out the light. And then he looked at me at first with one eye then with both. And we had our first moment only to be interrupted as the nurse stuck him with his first shot, and he went back to showing off his very healthy and developed lungs and vocal cords. But in that moment I felt him look to me as if to say "I know that voice...  What's happening right now. Hey deep voice guy, Help!" I extended my index finger to him and he grabbed it swiftly and firmly and again he slightly simmered down. 

And so it begins. A new human to teach, love and provide for. It's not my first time but it's still unfamiliar as this experience is with my 4evaeva partner and love of my life.  And to put it mildly I'm super excited to be here.