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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4

Well, season 4 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood came back last night and the craziness was in full effect.  This new season brought on new cast members such as Keysha Cole, Brooke Valentine and Cisco from Love and Hip Hop New York, amongst others.  Nikki Baby and Safaree are now friends; Moniece is dipping in the “Lady pond.”  Hazel E is back and she seems to be the one this season that has beef with everyone. 

The season opens up with Keyshia Cole performing at her concert.  This is the revelation of Keyshia being one of the newest cast members.  She walks into her home, that she is sharing with her baby daddy/ex-husband “Booby.”  What grown man will allow himself to be called booby? I digress.  Hazel E is back, new nose and all.  She shows her new boo, who just so happens to be younger than her.  Hazel E is on a mission to line up b****es and knock them down.  Moniece is kissing up on her new boo, who goes by the name of A.D and is a lady.  This is just in the first five minutes.  Fizz is back and so is Safaree with his lame behind. 

No sign of Ray J and Princess yet, or Brandi.  Maybe Ray J is still on his honeymoon.  One thing is for sure that this season will bring drama, as if we expected anything less. 



T Storm