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Baby Boy goes to the Beach


It’s me again :-) the last time we chatted I gave you an update on how things were going.  If you recall we were in the process of moving, well we are now settled into our new home.  The furniture finally came last Friday; sheesh it felt like it took forever to get our stuff delivered. 

Anyway, so now the boxes are here and we have to unpack (panic), have to remind myself to do it one room at a time.  Everything for the kitchen has been unpacked and put away, although I feel as if though I am missing some shot glasses lol.  I digress, so we are unpacking little by little.  Delivery came Friday and we decided that we needed to take a break from all of the boxes so we went to see our niece for her first birthday!! Her parents took her to the beach for her birthday and we were so happy that we could join them.

Tahir enjoying the seashells