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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 2

Last week on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood we got a look at the new cast mates and their drama, last night brought on even more drama.  Ray J is back from his honeymoon and talking about wanting babies.  He is sitting at breakfast with his boys A1 and Safaree, and they are thinking about going to a fertility clinic, together to see who has the highest sperm count.  Booby (Keyshia Coles live in baby daddy) is trying to get a “music career” going just like everyone on this show.  Brooke Valentine found out that her “boo” Marcus is still married.  And the big beef so far, is the one between Alexis Skyy and Masika.  Alexis Sky is Fetty Wap’ ex and she is in L.A for blood because Masika had a baby with Wap while she (Alexis) was still dating him.  We got introduced to yet another new cast mate, Chanel West (from the show Ridiculousness) who is yep you guessed it, trying to get her music career going.  Chanel is having a release party for her single, and at the party we see Lyrica, Nikki and a new woman by the name of Jade.  Turns out that Jade was dating Rich Dollaz (are you keeping up here), but that ended when Moniece got into his ear, but the big thing now is that Jade is the paralegal that is handling Marcus’ (Brooke’ boo) divorce.  Here is the tea, turns out that Jade is dating Marcus (gasp), but she knows nothing about Brooke.  Baby, there’s about to be a “girl fight” over Marcus.  Well Lyrica spilled the tea to Brooke about Jade, and she is not happy about it at all. 



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