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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Spirit Animal

Previously on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” Solo Lucci’s baby mama popped up at Alexis Skyy’s photo shoot, claiming that Alexis was a homewrecker that ruined her relationship with Lucci, sounds like the same issue that Masika and Skyy are going through.  Speaking of Masika she had her cosmetic line launch party and that was ruined when ‘Zell and Misster Ray (who organized the launch party) got into it. 

Misster Ray

Misster Ray

Well last night the pettiness continued.  Moniece and Nia confronted Cisco about him taking Teairra to a detox instead of rehab, remember that Teairra’s friend feel that she is an alcoholic.  Cisco didn’t like that he was confronted and he tells T about it, then T goes and confronts her friends about them talking to her man instead of going to her first. 

Alexis Skyy popped in on Solo Lucci’s radio interview to confront him about his baby momma popping up out of nowhere at Skyy’s photo shoot.  Lucci clearly doesn’t seem to care and says some hurtful things to Skyy.  Hazel E and Chanel West Coast collab to work on Chanel’s new video, but Hazel tries to take over because she is a “boss.”

Keyshia Cole goes into the studio for a listening session with A1 and Lyrica (A1’ wife) was not too happy about that.  It’s not that A1 may be working with Keyshia; it’s the fact that he did not include his wife on what was happening.  And the bombshell of the night was Cisco having another “friend.”  Things are not too good for Cisco and Teairra at the moment so he decides to go and see his “friend” whose name is Amber Diamond Erby (gives side-eye). Amber is the newest faces added onto the list of cast members on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’s roster

Amber "Diamond" Erby

Amber "Diamond" Erby

Next week T finds out about Amber and things are going to get messy.  Let’s hope that this does not push Teairra to drink.


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