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Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood ep 3


Previously on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” Brooke found out that Marcus got his divorce but he was also messing around with his paralegal.  Well that didn’t rub Brooke the right way and last night she made sure to let Marcus and Jade (the paralegal) know how she felt about the situation.  Brooke meets Jade for the first time at Safaree’ event where he introduced Chanel West Coast.  Teairra Marie is now dating Cisco from “Love and Hip Hop: New York” also ex-member of the “creep squad”, and she wants him to meet his friends.  And it looks like yet another member has been added to the long cast list, a gentleman by the name of Solo Lucci is presented as Alexis Skyy’ love interest.  Well, Brooke meets with both Marcus and Jade, she tells Jade to end things with Marcus and she (Brooke Valentin) proceeds to break up with Marcus.  Teairra’s friends meet Cisco and they let him know right from the jump that TT has a few things that she needs to deal with.  Good God everyone is so messy on this show. 

Solo Lucci

Solo Lucci

And it seems like everyone is sleeping with the next person.  I mean you would think that it’s a big orgy going on, because some, if not most of the casts have sleep with the other person’s ex.  Everyone has some type of six degrees of separation going on lol.  They really need to get their lives in order because next week is supposed to be even messier.  Lucci’s baby mama confronts Alexis (seems like what’s going on between Masika and Alexis), A1 may be thinking of working with Keyshia Cole even though his wife told him that they can’t sign any female artist.  Booby (Keyshia’ live in baby daddy) may be hooking up with Brooke.  It’s just messy; make sure you have your tea ready next week.


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