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Celebrity vs Experience

So, I saw a video post from a well known (unmarried) celebrity speaking on marriage and what they suggest people to do before anyone consider marriage. Let me first say I am not a licensed marriage councilor or therapist by any means. I’ve not even been married 5 years yet, so I’m far from an expert on the subject. In fact I am still learning about marriage and how to make mine work. Which brings me to the reason my wife and I started this blog. We’re still learning together and wanted to share what we are learning and experiencing together to others that are interested in learning like we are. 

I believe there can be a lesson learned from every one from all walks and status in life, even if that lesson is to not do what they did. Some wisdom is just universal but, I find it a bit hard to take the words of some one who’s never been married about marriage, all that seriously. maybe it’s just me but I’d wonder why haven’t they followed their own advise or in the case of this particular celeb, why haven’t they ever been married to implement the philosophies they pour out to others.

There was advise I received as a part of a recording that my wife and I played as a part of our wedding reception from comedian Tracey Morgan which was … “Never take advise from a single person. There’s a reason why they’re single”.  I believe THAT is great advise.

-T Storm