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Death is a part of Life that sucks

 (originally written & published in 2015)

I’ve been in radio 20+ years, have  worked with a lot of different people good and bad. You get along to get a job done as a team.  Every once in a purple moon you work with people that become more than just co-workers or friends just in the building you both work at. Such is true of my friend Jake Ray.  Genuine warm big heart great sense of humor and the list goes on.  

I worked with Jake at Hot 97 NYC until I was one of those laid off due to the sale of 98.7 Kiss FM  in 2012.  When discovered I had been let go Jake shot me this email…

”Got your mass email.  Sorry you got caught up in all this drama.

You wouldn’t believe the halls….It’s like a mortuary around there.

You will be missed.  And, I will stay in touch….you do the same.

None of that radio small talk bullsh*t.  You’re a pal beyond the building.

Let me know if I can be of any help at all,


And he kept his word. We talked, we hung out, went to lunch, I’d hang at his house with my sons, he attended my wedding even though he had been invited to two weddings on the same day.

This morning I received news that my friend and brother Jake Ray passed on.  I know he had been ill and had been checking in on him. We last spoke a little more than a week ago, it was brief but he told me he was tryna hang in there. He was in good spirits but his tone and vibe was different. I told him I was keeping him in my prayers and we would talk again soon. And that’s how it goes I guess.  A casual brief convo ends up being the last time you speak to a good friend.  

I will miss his sense of humor and his generous and sincere spirit. Jake is one of the nicest dudes I’ve encountered… period. I proudly call him a friend and know my life is better having known him. Jake my dude, you will be missed.


a sample of Jakes sense of humor

The work fam

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