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GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer (HD)

As an 80′s baby I’m extremely excited about this film. I remember seeing the original film and sequel along with my cousin Nefertari in the theater on Church Ave Brooklyn, NY. I remember leaving the movie concerned that the events depicted could actually happen! Looking up as I watched for evil spirits floating over the buildings in Brooklyn. 

I was even a fan of the cartoon.. “The Real Ghostbusters”. (There was a knock off that really sucked.) Thinking about this brings back some really great memories from my childhood. 

I’m usually pretty suspicious of remakes of films from my childhood as they most times are not very good. (Fame comes to mind.) But I look forward to seeing the new Ghostbusters. It looks like it may pretty good.  Hopefully the new film is as good or even better than the trailer.  We shall see.