The First Year of Marriage (ep47)

n this episode @MsKayleeG and @TherealTstorm discuss the highly anticipated Marvel movie "Black Panther" and whether it's worth buy advance tickets? Also, the first year of marriage can be pretty tough. T & Kay discuss what to expect and share their experiences from their first year. @4evaevadotcom

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Oprah 2020? (Ep 46)

 @therealtstorm and @mskayleeg talked about Love and Hip Hop Miami's Amara La Negra, an Dominican woman that identifies as Afro-Latina. KayLee also shared her journey of self-identification as an Afro-Latina herself and the potential of Oprah for President in #2020 @4evaevadotcom #oprah2020 #itunespodcast #stitcher #subscribe


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Babies, puppies & aliens (episode 42)​

This episode @MsKayleeG and @TherealTstorm pack in a lot.. Recapping their Thanksgiving as well as discuss Spike Lee's new Netflix series "She's Gotta have it" and things get crazy!!... Please keep seated withyour hands inside the vehicle until we come to a complete stop. Enjoy the ride! Don't forget to subscribe and rate us on #itunes.

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Kendu wants more (ep. 40)

Kendu Issacs asked for more money from Mary J Blige for spousal support and Tamar Braxton filed for divorce. These headlines inspired the topic if people, celebrities and non celebrities should publicize their relationship issues on social media.

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The oldest Playboy has passed away

The apparent idol of R.Kelly has passed away. Hugh Heffner passed away and in this latest episode @therealtstorm and @MsKayleeG talk about it. Also in light of Wendy Williams husband allegedly living a double life, they discuss the hardships of maintaining multiple romantic relationships. Share, subscribe join in on the discussion @4evaevadotcom.

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Michelle Obama 10/13/16 speech & Bruno Mars Interview (ep. 30)

Michelle Obama made a moving and powerful speech on Donald Trumps vulgar statement about woman and T-Storm & Kaylee discussed some of the highlights of that speech. Also you get to hear T-Storm's interview with Bruno Mars from 2012 when he first performed on SNL as host and musical guest.



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New Growth & Breast Feeding (ep. 29)

T-storm and Kaylee talk about going through the growing pains that life presents us with. Having faith and looking at the positive in everything. They also discuss breastfeeding in public and how Kaylee doesn't really mind it. As well as a discussion on the controversy seeming overshadowing the new movie written & directed by Nate Parker, "Birth of a Nation"

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